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Grandparents can be a source of stability in divorce

Divorce is a situation that is difficult for everyone involved, including the children. This can also impact the children’s grandparents. While everything in life is in a state of chaos for the kids, the grandparents can be a source of stability. There are several ways that you can do this if you are facing this in your family right now.

One of the most important things that you can do is to truly focus on the children. The adults might also need your help, but taking the time to make sure the kids are handling things in an appropriate manner is beneficial for everyone involved.

Keep things civil

Because of the emotions involved in divorce, things can get rough quickly. You might feel that you need to stand up for your child. However, remember that both adults are your grandchild’s parents. Even if you don’t get along with the other parent, make an effort to speak respectfully. Never belittle them. If you are at an event together, don’t do anything that would cause a scene.

Enjoy your grandchildren

If you live near your grandchildren, make an effort to spend some extra time together. Not only does this let them get time away from the drama of the divorce, it also gives you a chance to talk to them and find out if they need anything. This is a time that you can build a strong relationship that can carry on for life. Your child and the other parent might appreciate you taking the kids sometimes so they have a chance to discuss matters related to the divorce and child custody without the children underfoot.

Remain peaceful

When everything is in a state of upheaval, being the calm person can help the children and adults to re-center. Try to remember that the drama and stress are temporary. Eventually, everyone will settle into a new way of life and things should get easier. Your peace might transfer to them, and it is a great way to model adult behavior for the kids. Add in a touch of love and they will know that they have someone they can count on.

There are some instances in which grandparents are left out during or after the divorce. You might have the option of pursuing grandparents’ rights so that you can remain in your grandchild’s life. Make sure that you carefully consider this since it might put more of a strain on your relationship with your child.