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What Are Expunctions?

Expunction, also referred to as expungement, is the process by which the courts permanently remove an arrest, criminal charge or conviction from a petitioner’s criminal record. Once the record is expunged, the arrest, charge or conviction is no longer visible. In essence, the process makes it as if the crime never existed in the first place.

Who Is Eligible For Expunction In Texas?

Eligibility for expunction depends on the circumstances of your case. You may be eligible if:

  • You were never formally charged with a crime.
  • The charges against you were dismissed.
  • You were found not guilty of committing a crime.

While many misdemeanor may be eligible for expunction under these circumstances, there are some crimes, such as drunk driving offenses, that are not eligible for expunction. In addition, if you received deferred adjudication or probation for a particular crime, you may not be eligible for expunction despite meeting the qualifications above.

What Are The Benefits Of Expunction?

With an expunction, your record is cleared of crimes that could prevent you from renting an apartment, obtaining a loan, getting a job or living in a particular area as is the case with sex offenses.

Get Qualified Help Expunging Your Record

Co-founding lawyer Patrick J. Ridley understands how important it is to get a criminal record expunged. He knows what’s at stake and how to convey this to the court in a Petition for Expunction of Records. He will put his experience, knowledge and tenacity to work for you, helping you clear your record and regain your freedom.

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