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What Are Non-Disclosures?

Similar to expunctions, non-disclosures are a process by which your criminal record is sealed from public view. Unlike expunctions, however, non-disclosures do not permanently destroy your criminal record.

A petition for non-disclosure prohibits criminal justice agencies from disclosing to the public criminal history record information related to certain offenses for which the offender was placed on deferred adjudication (Texas Government Code 411.081(d)).

Although non-disclosures remove a criminal record from the view of certain private parties, government agencies will still be able to access your record. In addition, a non-disclosure does not prevent your record from being admissible in specific court actions.

When Can Someone Apply For A Non-Disclosure Order?

There is a statutory waiting period on non-disclosure petitions in Texas:

  • Misdemeanors: For some offenses, a person can apply for a non-disclosure immediately after discharge from probation

If an applicant is convicted of any additional offenses, an application for non-disclosure can be denied.

Get One-On-One Help With Your Non-Disclosure Petition

At Prater, Ridley & Llamas - Attorneys at Law, we believe in second chances, and we know a non-disclosure order can give this to you. Co-founding lawyer Patrick J. Ridley has exclusively handled petitions for non-disclosure, as well as expunctions, for decades. He knows how to identify eligible records and how to effectively petition the courts in Central Texas.

Mr. Ridley will work with you one-on-one throughout the entire court process, keeping you well informed during proceedings and clearly communicating expectations.

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If a criminal charge on your record is negatively affecting your life, speak to our firm about the possibility of an expunction or non-disclosure order. To discuss the details of your case, contact our office in Temple, Texas, to schedule an initial consultation. Call 254-773-9081 or reach us through this online contact form.

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