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Helping Parents Uphold Visitation Arrangements In Central Texas

It is the public policy of the state of Texas to ensure that parents who have shown the ability to act in their child or children’s best interest should have frequent and continuing contact with their children. To ensure this, the Texas Legislature enacted the Texas Standard Possession Order, which sets a schedule for the amount of time each parent will spend with their child or children.

When the legislature implemented the standard possession order, it standardized child custody and visitation arrangements. Our attorneys work with individuals to create fact-specific explanations of parents’ activities and reasons to support their visitation preferences. Visitation can be limited in some instances depending upon facts.

At Prater, Ridley & Llamas - Attorneys at Law, we work with parents throughout Central Texas to educate them about the factors that may influence their parenting plans.

Residency Restrictions

For parents, making life-changing decisions means not only considering how it will impact their own lives, but how it will impact their children’s lives. For example, if a job offer requires moving out of the city or state, it would impact visitation and a custody agreement. As a result, the court may prevent parents from moving too far away with their children.

Whether you are considering a move or want to prevent your child from moving with your spouse, our lawyers can discuss the facts of your case and advise you. With our assistance, it may be possible to request modification of a court order, in order to better meet your changes in circumstance.

Let Our Experience Put Your Mind At Ease

Attorney Carol E. Prater is a board certified family law specialist* in Texas, and she focuses exclusively on family law cases. Her in-depth knowledge of the legal system and her tenacity in court help ensure she can protect her clients and their children’s best interests in accordance with the facts.

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*Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization