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Requesting Modification Of A Custody Or Support Order

When child support, custody and visitation arrangements are determined, it is a reflection of the current situation of the children and both parents. However, as life happens, the circumstances on which the original determinations were based can change. If there has been a significant change in either parent’s income or living situation, it may be necessary to modify the support, visitation or custody arrangements accordingly.

At the law office of Prater, Ridley & Llamas - Attorneys at Law, our lawyers have experience in all areas of family law and can help with child support, visitation and custody modifications. We work with parents to help ensure they are paying or receiving the appropriate support payments and that the custody and visitation arrangements protect the best interests of their kids.

When Are Modifications Necessary?

From time to time there are significant changes in a parent’s life, which may warrant modifications to an existing custody agreement, visitation arrangement or support order. For example, a drastic pay raise, demotion or a lay-off may lead to an increase or reduction in child support payments. However, a parent who chooses to work significantly beneath his or her earning capacity may not receive a reduction in child support payments.

Changes in a parent’s life can impact visitation. If one parent is interested in relocating out of Bell County or Texas, it would likely necessitate a change in visitation arrangements. Likewise, if one parent moves in with someone who is abusive, uses illegal drugs, abuses alcohol or has moved into an unhealthy living situation, the other parent could request a modification in custody or visitation.

Have Questions About Modifying A Court Order?

Our lawyers work with parents to protect the best interests of the children. We can help you understand your modification options during times of change.

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